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What would you do if you were not afraid of anything?  Open that second location? Become the best in your city?  Try to take a long vacation?  Well, get ready to seize the day, armed with Dr. Kandle Fraser as your executive coach.  

  • You'll find out how to manage your business even as it grows larger in scale
  • Strategies to strengthen the performance of your team
  • Inspiration for those tough days or weeks, and even a few secret weapons


I know you're a stronger leader than you have ever imagined-- so let's do this.


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Discover your own leadership style -Master powerful leadership practices -101 Strategies on how to lead a diverse team

Teacher Trainings

Teacher Training

Onsite Staff Professional Development

Powerful Parent Teacher Conferences
Do you feel like you have to attend every parent conference? Are some of your teachers able to conduct conferences without your help while others definitely need you? It might be time to think about teacher training focused on this important event.

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset
Give students a strong support towards developing their potential. Create growth mindsets in your teachers and in your students. Growth mindsets produce strong perseverance and resilience abilities- the key ingredients to creative achievement.

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Why Emotional Intelligence Will Transform How You Support Social Development in Your Students
Emotional Intelligence nurtured in childhood supports and recognizes the strengths in all students while increasing self-discipline, empathy and self-awareness on individual levels.

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Because We Are Worth It
Gather the team for some inspiration, motivation and lots of celebration. Breathe, rejuvenate and make time to focus on all of the good work being done at your school.

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Blog: The Art and Science of Leadership, People and Organization

The Art and Science of Leadership, Organization and People

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The Comeback

Have you ever screwed up big time? If you haven’t well that is pretty impressive.  Most of us have royally messed up, made the wrong decision, even in a leadership role.  What you did is not as important as… what are you going to change about your behavior so that it does not happen again? …

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