The Comeback

Have you ever screwed up big time?

If you haven’t well that is pretty impressive.  Most of us have royally messed up, made the wrong decision, even in a leadership role.  What you did is not as important as… what are you going to change about your behavior so that it does not happen again?

Remember Einstein says that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So when you royally mess up and get knocked down… You have to stand back up.  No pity party.  No blaming other people for the problem.  Adults, leaders are accountable for their actions.

The next step is assessment.  Cannot fix a problem without running the diagnostic first.  When you bring your car to the mechanic, the first thing that they do is hook it up to a machine and run the diagnostic to see what the problem might be.

Don’t be afraid to address the problem head on.  Be brave in front of your critics and know that your fans, friends and family will support you.   You are a leader and you have to get it (whatever IT is) right.  No matter if it is leadership in your personal life or something in you are experiencing in a leadership role out in the world.

If you get a second chance, make sure your game is tight.    Always be learning from those who are smarter than you.  Surround yourself with talented and loving people.

Everyone loves a good comeback story.  Kill it in the new year!

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